Boarding: what you need to know

Getting Started


  • Call to reserve your boarding reservation 252-975-5800
  • New Customers-Fill out boarding form
  • Provide updated copy of vaccinations 
  • Read rules and regulations below
  • Dogs $20 per night and $10 per additional dog in the same unit
  • Cats $10 per night and $5 per additional cat in the same unit

Boarding Form


Click here to download your boarding information form.  A  boarding form must be completed prior to boarding.  If you have multiple  pets, just fill out the pet section for each additional pet once the  initial form is complete.   You can complete this and bring it with you  the day of check-in to speed up your check-in.

Our Facilities Include


  • large fenced in area for excercise
  • Temperature-controlled, clean, and spacious kennels
  • Grooming services available upon request
  • Multi-pet discounts available
  • Kuranda beds for rent
  • Four Private rooms



Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Boarding Animals: The number one priority for Riverside Pet Resort is to keep your animals  safe during their vacation with us.  For this reason we have a set of  rules and regulations that we must follow.

 Vaccinations:  All animals must be up to date with their vaccinations.   We must also have a hard copy of these vaccinations from your vet to  keep on file on the day of check-in.  This can be done by having your  vet fax over a copy of your vaccinations or you can pick up a copy from  your vet and bring them with you on check-in day.  IF YOUR VACCINATIONS CANNOT BE CONFIRMED, THEN WE CANNOT LET THEM STAY. This is also a State of NC requirement.

Dog Vaccinations include: Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper.
Cat Vaccinations include: Rabies, Distemper, Leukemia
Sick Animals: If your pet becomes sick while staying  with us we will notify you immediately and attempt to seek medical  attention from your primary vet indicated on your check-in chart.  If  this vet is unavailable, a vet of our choosing will be used.  All vet  visits will be at the owners expense.

 Puppies under the age of 4 months will not be allowed to board at  Riverside Pet Resort.  We love puppies but it is just too dangerous for  their health at this young age.

Females in Heat: No female dogs in heat will be allowed to board.

Boarding Payments: Payments can be pre-paid or paid at  time of check-out.  We take cash, checks, or credit cards.  Christmas  and Thanksgiving holidays will require a 50% downpayment or may be  reserved with a credit card.  Your reservation may be canceled up to 24  hours before the reservation date.  Failure to cancel a boarding  appointment prior to 24 hour in advance will result in losing the 50%  deposit.  

Food: Customers are requested to bring your own food.   Most dogs are use to eating the same dog food every day for years and a  sudden change to a different food can cause diarrhea and stomach  discomfort.  All dog food needs to be in a air tight bags or plastic  containers.  We recommend packing dog food into a gallon size ziplock  bag and writing your dogs name on the outside of the bag with a marker.   You can also put your food in large tupperware style containers or  cereal containers.  Please do not bring open bags of dog food without a  container.

Beds: Customers are encouraged to bring dog beds or  blankets for their pets to sleep on.  WARNING:  Many dogs act much  different while boarding.  Some chew up their dog beds while in a  boarding facility.  Riverside Pet Resort will not be liable for chewed  up, soiled, or damaged dog beds or blankets.  We will take beds away if  we see your pet chewing them up.  This is for their safety.  We will  attempt to wash beds or towels if possible if they become soiled.
We recommend letting your pet sleep on a thick towel, quilt, or blanket  at your house prior to boarding.  Bring this item with you for their  bedding instead of their regular bed.  This can avoid a costly  replacement of their favorite dog bed.

Kuranda beds are available for rent in our lobby for only $3 per night.  This could save you a costly replacement of an expensive dog bed.

Toys/Treats: Customers are allowed to bring toys to  keep their pets comfortable.  These toys must be safe and not present a  choking hazard.  Tennis balls and Kongs are ideal.  Treats are also  allowed but must be in a ziplock bag labeled with their name.  Rawhide  chews and bones are not allowed.  They are extreme choking hazard if  they are not constantly monitored.  We are just not willing to take that  chance.