Frequently Asked Questions


What paperwork do I need prior to boarding? 

You need a copy of your up to date shot records or they can be faxed in  to the office.  You also need a completed application for boarding.  If  you have filled out an application for boarding, then you do not need to  fill one out again.

How often do you feed?
​We feed our guests every morning and evening.  Twice a day unless you  request only once a day.  They have fresh water 24 hours a day.

Do dogs enjoy going to the Pet Resort?
Most dogs love Riverside Pet Resort.  They are so excited to get back  into the kennel and run, bark, and have a great time.  The dogs get  plenty of attention from staff and get the excitement of having lots of  other dogs around them.  Most love their vacation at Riverside Pet  Resort.
If your dog is showing any signs of extreme stress, we will separate  them until they get use to their environment.  We have private rooms for  this specific issue.  (This is rarely an issue)

Will my dog come in contact with other dogs?
Each dog is allowed to go outside in our fenced in exercise yard 3-4 times per day.  They are let out individually unless they are staying in the same unit or belong to the same family.  

Will my dog be allowed to play outside?
Yes!!  We have three exercise yards.  These are  surrounded by a 6 foot tall, heavy gauge chain-link fence.  If your dog  climbs or jumps fences, notify our staff at check-in and on your  boarding form.

Are your runs indoor and outdoor?
We have indoor/outdoor runs along with inside only condos.  You can request either type of enclosure.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.   

Are the runs heated and cooled?
Yes, all runs and condos are kept at a comfortable temperature all year around.

Can I pick up my boarding dog anytime?
No, Please pick up boarding animals during specific boarding hours  posted on the boarding page.  This allows the animals to rest during the  lunch time hours and allows our staff to perform cleaning of the  kennel.

 Do the dogs bark constantly in the kennel?  
I'm afraid my dog will not be able to rest. No, the dogs are quiet except when someone walks back into the kennel  area.  This excites the dogs and they start barking.  The kennel stays  quiet at night time.