All about grooming


Grooming is offered Monday through Friday.  Call for an appointment 252-975-5800

 All grooming is done by appointment.  Amanda is often booked out ten weeks or more for grooming.   We highly recommend getting put on a schedule.  You can pre-book your  grooming appointments and receive a reminder call prior to your  appointment.  Never have to wait for a grooming appointment again!


Amanda Broadwell


I would like to welcome you to Riverside Pet Resort.  I am the owner of Riverside and I have been grooming for over 12 years.  I truly enjoy the grooming profession and I take great pride in this business that I opened in 2012.  I am a meticulous groomer and strive for perfection with each and every haircut.  My loyal customers can tell you that we operate a safe and professional grooming shop.  I look forward to meeting you and your pets.  

Now Hiring Qualified Groomers


Riverside Pet Resort is hiring qualified groomers.  Applicants must have grooming experience and be able to work independently.  We offer an excellent work environment, flexible schedule, competitive pay and an opportunity to keep your grooming calendar full.  Call for an interview.  

Estimated prices

Grooming pricing varies widely based on size of dog, condition of coat, and services requested. Riverside Pet Resort also reserves the right to send a dog home without grooming if the dog is too aggressive or dangerous to themselves or our staff. The price shown will include bath, toenails, ear cleaning, anal glands, and hair cut.


Grooming Shop Information

We must establish grooming shop rules and we request that you respect these rules.    We are constantly asked, why does grooming take so long?  There are a  few reasons that most do not understand about grooming.  First, we groom  around 15 dogs per day or more.  We have to work very hard to get  everyone's dogs groomed without booking multiple weeks out.  To groom a  dog, each dog must get a bath and be completely dry prior to getting  their haircut.  Drying takes time.  Your dog will not be groomed  straight through from start to finish.  This is not efficient. Grooming  is a multi-step process.   All dogs are bathed, dried, and then groomed.   This is the only way to complete the volume of dogs that our shop  grooms on any given day.    

- We need all dogs in the grooming shop no later than 9:30am unless you set an appointment for a later time.  - If you need to pick up your dog at a certain time, you must let us  know at the time you book your appointment.  We will attempt to  accommodate your requests.  All other dogs will be completed in the  order they were received.    - We will call you when your dog is finished with their grooming.   Please do not call to check on your dog.  Every time the phone rings we  have to stop grooming to talk on the phone.  - Please don't stop by to check on your dog during the grooming day.   This is extremely distracting to the dogs and the groomers.  If there  are any problems with your dog or if they are not feeling well, we will  call you immediately.  We promise.  - Please do not rush us while we are grooming your dog.  This disrupts  our day, adds unneeded stress, and slows us down.  If you must have your  dog groomed straight through, then you will have to pay a $20 rush fee.   The only exception is medical issues that must be approved by  management.